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Education : WHAT needs to be done, WHY and HOW.

Problem: population Aware of SDGs

Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) are important for humans to thrive on earth. Mankind may fail to achieve these goals if majority of our population is not aware of them.

in 2015 in 2027
less than half the world's population is aware of SDGs 90% of world's population becomes aware of SDGs

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  1. Campaigns to educate 99% of population on SDGs.
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Problem: population Working on SDGs

Mankind may fail to achieve SDGs if "sizeable" population does not know their tasks, what tasks others are doing, the progress everyone collectively is making to accomplish goals.

in 2021 in 2024
no source available right now on how many people are actively working on SDGs. Please contribute here 5% of population actively working on SDGs

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