Social network + OKR = Objective.Earth
  • Out of Five Ws - "WHY" could be one of the most important questions
  • Asking Five WHYs can motivate a person to do the right thing.
  • ​OKRs have shown that motivating masses to a common goal can be done at scale.
  • There have been several positive attempts to align mankind - for example the SDGs.
  • As portrayed in The Social Dilemma, people & governments were manipulated to do dubious things
Inspired from the above 5 resources, Objective.Earth intends to become a social network that aids mankind to
  • Identify WHAT needs to be done
  • WHY it is needed
  • WHEN, & WHERE it must be done
  • WHO have pledged or contributed towards it
  • HOW others have done it, and you can too
  • Sponsor others, or get paid to get things done
Objective.Earth's vision is to become an OKR tool, but for planet-scale - everyone can join for free.


Soon this section would be replaced with a Q&A script where community can elaborate problems/solutions and also upvoteProblemA: Pitching WHY something is needed.
  • ProblemA: How well is the mankind Aligning?
    • Solution1: OKRs
  • ProblemB: How well is the community doing.
    • Solution1: OKRs
  • ProblemC: What is right (as per me). Factchecking.
    • Solution1: Agreelist
  • ProblemD: How others have done it.
    • Solution1: OKR Template
    • Solution2: Karmapedia
  • ProblemE: Changing the way we consume things. (consider moving this under SDG 12 - responsible comsumption & production)
    • Solution1: Green Ecommerce
    • Solution2: Product Comparison App
    • Solution3: Influencers in Objective.Earth
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