All Children Deserve to Dream

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OrganizationFundacion Hearts of Gold
Region Ecuador
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ProjectLeader Maria Jose Orellana

Every child deserves to dream, but in Ecuador dreaming is a privilege.Some children do not know when their next hot meal is going to be.Others study by candlelight, and many more lack the medicine they need to make it through the day.We are honored to work with 5 organizations that are serving 350+ vulnerable youth, covering their basic needs and giving them the chance to dream.Now, we want to show Ecuadorian children that dreams do come true, and we need your help to fulfill each one of them.


Too many children are stuck in challenging situations which limit their chance to hope for a brighter future. In Ecuador, only 62% of children go to high school.Kids with disabilities on average only complete 5.6 years of schooling. Also, nearly a quarter of children under 5 are chronically malnourished . When a child's basic needs are unmet, it crushes their ability to dream.

Long-Term Impact

It is no surprise that kids who are brought up in healthy environments are more likely to become happy, healthy, successful members of society. With their basic needs met and the opportunity to see their dreams fulfilled, Ecuadorian children will be gifted with a positive view of their own future. Watch as these kids gain ambition, inspiration, and strength. Keep the wheels turning for future generations and empower Ecuadorian children to lead societal change.



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