Aged Home Needs Support for 26 neglected elders

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OrganizationROSI foundation(Rural organising for social improvement)
Region India
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26 neglected elderly are provided by food, nutrition, health, recreation, safe accommodation and counseling. It gives safe accommodation, food, health and free of isolation and mentally they are freed from the burden and isolation. Till death they are cared and then funeral is done in their religious belief in death.


In Indian society, most of the elder Persons are become as abandoned by their families and relation. The co-family members are seeing them as burden and problem of life. Less care, insulting and other torture are taking the most of aged as destitute in that some of them are begging and remaining are under severe problem due to Unable to earn for their upkeep because of the age. They are weak in health due to age, hunger and health problems. It is difficult for them to get even one meal a day

Long-Term Impact

The home will provide a good belief and provision of food, nutrias, health, recreation and safe accommodation to the aged persons till death. funeral is done on their religious belief.



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