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OrganizationKamboo Project
Region Cambodia
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In Cambodia, many students have to travel a long distance between home and school. According to research conducted by USAID, long-distance travelling accounted for 10% of the total dropouts. A bicycle allows a student to get to school, and also take one or two siblings alongside. At the beginning of 2019, we initiated a project "A ride to a brighter future", we provided 100 bikes to the students in a rural part of Siem Reap. We want to extend our goal for the year 2020 to provide 300bikes.


The concept of public transportation is very alien to most Cambodians, in general, let alone the idea of a school bus in the rural area. In average, a family in the countryside has more or less 3 children, yet there is only one bike for the entire family. To a rural family, owns a bike is equivalent to having an SUV in Europe. The bike is mostly used by the parent to earn their living and to support their children's education.

Long-Term Impact

We're hoping to help eliminate secondary dropouts, reduce poverty. We believe that education is the key to a quality of life. Education is the key to better one child, one family, one community, one country, and to better our world. Please consider donating to our project, and make a more significant impact on others.


  1. https://kamboo-project.ngo/en/
  2. https://kamboo-project.ngo/en/

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