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OrganizationAssociazione pro Terra Sancta
Region Syrian Arab Republic
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ProjectLeader Michele Baldini

After Covid 19 lockdowns, Bethlehem is even poorer than before. Most of the people of Bethlehem lived on tourism but the town is still empty. Many are unoccupied and live under poverty line. Help us build and start our activities in the Dar Al Majus Community home: a multifunctional center for vocational training, educational and health support and cultural activities for both the people of Bethlehem and tourists.


For many years, the separation wall has kept the population of Bethlehem semi-confined. The restriction of movement has generated depression, leading to a climate of heavy social tension, which in turn leads to increased violence especially among youth. Meanwhile, the economy of the country has been precarious for years with a high unemployment rate and a high poverty rate that have increased due to the past lockdowns, and families barely earn enough monthly to meet their basic needs.

Long-Term Impact

In the long term, this project will train staff professionally, offering these young people concrete opportunities to find work in their land, thus following a path of peace and tolerance that will allow better integration of peoples in the Holy Land. Culture and work are the basis of peace and prosperity for a free people, and this project focuses precisely on the training of young people. The contribution to this project represents the best investment that can be made for a better future.


  1. https://www.proterrasancta.org/en/
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbnJ2CRsTTM

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