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OrganizationAfrican Bush Camps Foundation
Region Zimbabwe
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ProjectLeader Koinonia Baloyi

Our Conservation focus area aims to improve human-wildlife coexistence, protect wildlife and livestock, and conserve wildlife and natural resources in our communities and national parks.


We have projects running in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Botswana that focus on addressing challenges that include unemployment, food scarcity, poor education and health care infrastructure, low school attendance and dropouts due to financial constraints, wildlife poaching, and preserving natural resources.

Long-Term Impact

We anticipate a significant reduction in wildlife poaching in our communities. The training and education provided to the community on conserving wildlife, natural resources, and co-existing with wildlife will increase awareness amongst the community and encourage collective responsibility to protect wildlife. Our Conservation efforts like the Ranger program in Mana, can drive attitude and behavioral changes in our communities and instill respect for wildlife and the environment.



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[[Category:Threats to wildlife and habitats in Africa Projects]], [[Category:Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe Projects]]

[[Category:Threats to wildlife and habitats in Africa Projects in Zimbabwe]], [[Category:Wildlife Conservation in Zimbabwe Projects in Zimbabwe]]