600 computers for 600 Japanese Orphanages

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OrganizationYouMeWe NPO
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ProjectLeader Michael Clemons

Across Japan, 30,000 children live in orphanages and children's homes. As digital literacy and internet access become mandatory for modern life, the gap between children in the homes and their peers widens. To bridge this gap, YouMeWe is campaigning to put a computer in each home, so that each child has the best chances possible to connect with their education, seek employment, and access learning opportunities. Our first targets are the 28 homes along the old Tokaido Road.


In an increasingly virtual world, everything exists online: homework, job and university applications. Teenagers who have access to home computers are 6-8% more likely to graduate from high school than teenagers who do not have home computers [even after controlling for family and socio-economic circumstances]. Children who have access to computers at home perform better in class than those who don't.

Long-Term Impact

Aid performance in school, increase digital literacy, increase employability, enable access to information and opportunities.


  1. http://www.youmewenpo.org
  2. https://www.youmewenpo.org/

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