100 women of Ochelakur Sub-County access finance

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OrganizationCPAR Uganda Ltd
Region Uganda
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ProjectLeader Jimmy Ezra

This project will facilitate households of a disadvantaged traditionally fishing community that is no longer permitted fishing livelihoods due to government fishing restrictions on Lake Kyoga to transition to other livelihood options and to improved quality of life. 500 women will access finance and financial literacy; be able to start and or operate viable businesses through which they will earn a living; and be able to meet the basic needs - food, water, clothes, shelter - of their households.


Over 14,000 people of Ochelakur Sub-County depended on fishing for their livelihoods. Government's suspension of fishing in Lake Kyioga has destroyed their source of income. Moreover, the suspension isn't accompanied with affirmative action to assist and enable fishing communities to transition to alternative livelihoods. People of Ochelakur are failing to afford their basic and genuine needs. They are starving and malnourished; are living a poor quality of life; and are emotionally distraught.

Long-Term Impact

Standards of living will improve for households of at least 80 percent of the women who will access finance and financial literacy through this project. At least 50 percent of benefiting households will successfully use their loans to engage in profitable income generation, earn sufficient incomes for them to be able to meet their basic and genuine needs, including eating balanced diets. And 90 percent of benefiting women will testify attaining improved social standing in their wider community.


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[[Category:Economic Growth in Uganda Projects]], [[Category:Lack of access to finance for women in Ochelakur sub-county Projects]]

[[Category:Economic Growth in Uganda Projects in Uganda]], [[Category:Lack of access to finance for women in Ochelakur sub-county Projects in Uganda]]