100 Bikes for 100 Girls

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OrganizationRock-Paper-Scissors Children's Fund
Region Vietnam
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ProjectLeader Sara Nerone

We are giving girls who live in rural and poor villages in Vietnam, bicycles to help them get to school. Many young girls walk one or more hours one way to school, and these long distances often keep them from attending regularly. Safety is another reason to give young girls bikes, as they are very often the targets of human trafficking to the sex trade and sweatshops. Bicycles are the first simple answer to improving both their safety and access to education.


Because Vietnamese women and girls are expected to maintain the home and care for younger siblings, girls are often the first to drop out of school. Bicycling versus walking provides additional time for girls to help out their families, as well as do schoolwork. A single bike can make a huge difference in terms of access to healthcare and further economic opportunity for the whole family. A bike also provides a safer way for young girls to get to school.

Long-Term Impact

Girls with greater access to school have been shown to stay in school longer. Girls in Vietnam are also exposed to the dangers of being trafficked for sexual exploitation and forced labor. Although bikes are obviously not the answer to child trafficking, they do provide a safer way for these girls to travel versus walking.


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