10000 trees for coastal protection in Bangladesh

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OrganizationNational Initiative for Social Action(NISA)
Region Bangladesh
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This project will initiate 10 km roadside tree plantation program for coastal protection in Bangladesh. These donations will help empower women and girls in disaster risk reduction and environmental protection. Project will reach to 2 million disaster vulnerable coastal people of Bangladesh in South Asia.


Coastal areas of Bangladesh are disaster vulnerable due to its geographical locations. Sidr and Aila hit on the coast in 2007 and 2009 and destroyed the huge lives and livelihoods. Most of the people of the coast are depending on the forest cutting for their livelihoods. Peoples' lives and livelihoods are sensitive to disaster and climate change due to degradation of mangrove trees. So, environmental protection is in a threat and severity of coastal surges are increasing day by day.

Long-Term Impact

These donations will help empower women and girls in coastal areas of Bangladesh in disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, environmental protection and creating a sustainable environment which will contribute in SDG 13 of the UN. Project is expecting to reach 2 million disaster vulnerable of the coast. More than 5000 ultimate beneficiaries will be financially gained when the planted trees will be matured. Resulting in, resilient community and sustainable environment.


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