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OrganizationInstituto Alpha Lumen
Region Brazil
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ProjectLeader Nuricel Villalonga

The project aims to foster culture and promote personal and social transformations from the aesthetic experience, experienced through a program of activities with different artistic languages-visual, sound, performative and scenic arts-which involve techniques of drawing and photography, visual audio and music, dance, drama and poetry, enriching and expanding the several ways of developing learning in the different areas of artistic knowledge.


In a social context of few motivations,opportunities and perspectives,some young people may feel on the margins of society.Under several risks,social prejudice and fragile structures,the maturing of the individual and its valorization,end up not being fully worked on in the school environment.Instigating young people to represent themselves through artistic manifestations can be an instrument of social inclusion,and one of the ways to develop learning in the different areas of knowledge.

Long-Term Impact

The objective is to promote a social impact through access to culture,through academic actions and activities (online and face-to-face) integrating access to culture and the arts with the study of new technologies.Art will contribute to young students being able to overcome cultural and social barriers, creating an opportunity for interaction,between them,their families,educators and the community,adding new media to formal education,promoting democratization of culture and art.


  1. http://www.alphalumen.org.br
  2. http://www.alphalumen.org.br

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