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OrganizationMavi Kalem Association
Region Turkey
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ProjectLeader Nergis Denli

The new project of Mavi Kalem aims to support basic health needs of the babies in the region and to reach 250 babies of Fatih / Balat neighborhood where Mavi Kalem has been implementing important projects since its establishment. "Help the Babies Grow Healthy" project is a small step to meet the basic hygiene and health needs of the babies. The idea was proposed to Mavi Kalem by high school student volunteers Arin Akcura and Can Tulpar and it was enthusiastically supported by Mavi Kalem team.


Since November 2013, Turkey hosts more than 3,5 million Syrian refugees under temporary protection. Although, "temporary protection status" provides refugees an access to basic services such as health and education, currently most of these families can't benefit from these basic resources. It is crucial to improve daily living conditions of the babies and their mothers who struggle with inadequate and unsanitary conditions every day.

Long-Term Impact

Baby materials will be distributed to the families who can't allocate budget for the essential postnatal care of their babies. Since these materials are durable, they can later be used by other potential beneficiaries either in the family and/or in the neighborhood. This project is targeting families who can't allocate funds for a bathtub, baby towel, digital thermometer, baby nasal aspirator, who make ends meet on a shoestring budget. The project aims to reach initially 250 mothers and babies.


  1. http://www.mavikalem.org/
  2. http://www.mavikalem.org
  3. https://www.facebook.com/MaviKalemDernegi/
  4. https://twitter.com/MaviKalem
  5. https://www.instagram.com/mavikalemdernegi/

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