Rewarding DOers
Because "Doing the right thing" is often costlier
This page is Work in Progress!
​Doing the right thing is often costlier. Also, Bitcoin showed that rewarding people to stay honest can help build the ecosystem. Objective.Earth intends to aid in identifying
  • WHO are doing it? How much time they have put in?
  • Are they doing it right? Can peers vouch for their work?
  • Is their work funded? Who has sponsored them?
  • How do they intend to use the funds? How have they utilized funds in past?


Soon this section would be replaced with a Q&A script where community can elaborate problems/solutions and also upvote
  • ProblemA: Are they doing it right? Greenwashing?
    • Solution1: Agreelist
    • Solution2: Network of Validators
  • ProbemB: How much to pay when money is scarce?
    • Solution1: ?
  • ProbemC: How much to pay when money is in abundance?
    • Solution1: ?

Why reward

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