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Making a Difference starts here

Find and support a charity that aligns with your Regional problems and solutions.

Aligning Mankind- with WHYs

As a community, we often are not aligned on WHY something must be done. Drawing inspiration from OKR framework, we intend to align people worldwide by advertising them with "Flashcards of WHYs". People would crowdsource on WHYs, and allocate tasks to each other. See Aligning Mankind...

Rewarding People - for Doing it Right

Ok, I might get convinced with some WHYs - say "Why planting trees is so much crucial". But "Doing such right things" is often costlier! Objective.Earth would run crowdfunds, and reward those people who are stepping forward to "Do it right". Read more Rewarding DOers..

Sneak Peak

When user googles for 'Climate on Earth" we would land the user on this page. Kindly contribute to Product Design and make it better.

Users can click on "Climate" dropdown or "Earth" dropdown on top left - and switch to their favorite region, or to thousands of other causes that concern them.