Objective.Earth is an open source, and open data community project

The Team, the Budget

​This team is working on these tasks and seeking to raise $40,000 so that they can meet this timeline.
You may donate in Cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH and more (powered by Coinbase)

The progress so far

Objective.Earth has been maintained since June 2021. The progress is slow because we doing our day jobs. You can donate to help us do it full time. Soon we would start accepting donations publicly (with crowdfunds like Kickstarter).
Right now we are funded by a humble $1000/month of sponsorship made by Smarter.Codes (the founding company behind Objective.Earth)
Once fully funded we would be posting our progress updates on a weekly basis in our Timeline​

On its first stable release..

..Objective.Earth we would enable 1000s of initiatives like us to accept donations for the positive impact they intend to bring on earth. Objective.Earth could be a potent solution to SDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals.
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