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OrganizationInstituto Alpha Lumen
Region Brazil
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ProjectLeader Nuricel Villalonga

This Project is part of the Alpha Lumen Technological Education Program that brings opportunities for young people and children,with high skills, but in situations of social vulnerability,to have access to Science and Technology. The program aims to combat digital illiteracy,evasion and disinterest in the school by inspiring vocations and bringing opportunities for talent students in the field of Robotics and Programming.The project also focuses on a working culture of values and social skills.


In a country with millions of unemployed, about 1.3 million teenagers are out of school. Disinterest is one of the main causes. On the other hand, by 2030 there will be a deficit of 1 million IT professionals. These numbers of devastating effects show that Brazil has its progress halted by the level of preparation in digital education. This "technological exclusion" generates "economic gaps" and presents a new form of violence that leads to a way of maintaining and expanding inequalities.

Long-Term Impact

It is expected that the teaching of Robotics and Programming, for 250 minority students and socially vulnerable children, will bring intimacy with technology opening the opportunity to identify and leverage talents that can feel synergy with the area and welcome it as future professional life. The cost aid provided to each student should stimulate engagement and contribute to their self-esteem and the material they build in the activities will bring inspiration to other students.



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