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OrganizationInstituto Alpha Lumen
Region Brazil
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ProjectLeader Nuricel Villalonga

A code academy of accelerated training, with excellence, non-profit, which enables high-quality education for people in situations of vulnerability, talents for the IT area, focusing on the expansion of the participation of low-income students, searching for an opportunity to transform their reality. The project foresees the remuneration of these people to allow their full dedication during the formation, working on real projects in direct connection with companies and the labor market.


Brazil has 13.4M unemployed, in this scenario people in vulnerability are the most affected. Research by KornFerry Institute points out that the technology industries are short of 1.1M in skilled workers worldwide. It is in this context that Alpha EdTech brings the opportunity for society to strengthen people, with equity of gender, race and ethnicity, in the direction of their lives, enabling social mobility through technology.

Long-Term Impact

By selecting these talented people, we expect to convert hidden and socially vulnerable talents into very active transformational leaders of the near future promoting exponential waves of improvements in our societies.Also,sponsor companies will benefit from having specialized labor but also with soft skills that can potentially drive changes in their ESG mindsets.These transformational leaders will also energize the fight against discrimination,prejudice and inequality.



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