Alleviating poverty using small business training

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ProjectLeader Arthur Chikara

NDEIPI? teaches people how they can earn an income using their skills, resources close at hand & very little capital. Participants receive training in income generation, running a small start-up & how to manage money. They are given a US$1 loan, to be paid back once they make a profit. It is incredible to watch participants learn how they can make a living for their families without needing a large loan. We aim to expand this great project by availing it to more people within our community.


In a country where there is over 90% unemployment, most people rely on their own enterprises, or receiving money from family members to get by. Poverty and debt are major problems, often leading to homelessness, alcohol abuse, crime, prostitution, poor health and feelings of helplessness. The poorest rely on handouts from family and begging in the streets. Commonly their view is that they are unable to do anything about their situation, and have little experience with money to be creative.

Long-Term Impact

Makomborero are thrilled to partner with NDEIPI? and we know that this programme brings hope and a sense of purpose to the participants. We believe that they will realise that the future is not hopeless and that with guidance and some ingenuity, they will be able to "make a plan" to work towards overcoming the difficult situation they find themselves in. The participants will be empowered to help themselves and help their friends and neighbours in similar situations.



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[[Category:Economic Growth in Zimbabwe Projects]], [[Category:Poverty in the community due to lack of employment opportunities and financial resources Projects]]

[[Category:Economic Growth in Zimbabwe Projects in Zimbabwe]], [[Category:Poverty in the community due to lack of employment opportunities and financial resources Projects in Zimbabwe]]