All Ugandan girls should be able to go to school!

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OrganizationThe Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project
Region Uganda
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ProjectLeader Twesigye Kaguri

Nyaka educates more than 700 orphaned and vulnerable children in two free primary schools and one free secondary and vocational school. These children are generally cared for by grandmother caregivers and those at primary school often walk for miles to get to and from school. Your donations provide these girls with clean drinking water, nutritious hot meals, high quality tuition, medicine, sanitary products and school supplies, as well as a safe place to learn and interact with their peers.


We know that girls face additional challenges in accessing education. Nyaka works with the community to promote and support education for girls and to change attitudes so that girls can access further education and employment opportunities. Our model is successful as 55% of our current students are girls. This is especially significant in an area where the education of girls is considered secondary and where intense poverty restricts the number of children a family can send to school.

Long-Term Impact

Young women delay pregnancy and marriage. They are healthier and have greater choice and control over their destiny. Children born to more educated mothers have longer, healthier lives and greater educational achievements. The impact of educating girls is enormous- It directly affects their lives and the lives of their children... with a knock-on effect that can be felt across the whole community!



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