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ProjectLeader Connie De Jong

Akuafo Go Solar is a Solar-Powered Drip Irrigation Model for Ghanaian Farmers in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The project is starting with the set up of a working model of the system and intends to reach 500 farmers in the region to improve and advance growing stability, as well as the full range of support needed to market products grown and preserved in the region. The project builds on research developed by a collaboration between The University of Ghana and Technical University of Denmark.


Ghana's tropical climate allows for 2 growing seasons per year, but fluctuations in rainfall due to global climate change affect the viability of many crops in Ghana. Agriculture is the predominant form of employment, primarily in the form of small stakeholder farms. Lack of access to or resources to fund sustainable small-scale irrigation is the primary barrier to stable growing patterns for these farmers. This project aims to serve 500 farmers through training and business development.

Long-Term Impact

This project has the capacity to spread to many more farmers as the business model is tested and honed over the course of the project. Because the project is deeply rooted in local knowledge as well as international support, trust is built into it and some results will be apparent within 1 growing season. This work could eliminate food insecurity at least in the Eastern Region of Ghana when scaled beyond the scope of this project. The environmental footprint is also low and sustainable.


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[[Category:Reliance on non-renewable energy sources in Ghana Projects]], [[Category:Sustainable Agriculture in Ghana Projects]]

[[Category:Reliance on non-renewable energy sources in Ghana Projects in Ghana]], [[Category:Sustainable Agriculture in Ghana Projects in Ghana]]