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Already, Airlink donors have helped deliver 300+ responders and 354+ tons of aid. Tons more ready to go if you help today. Curious how critically needed donated aid will reach refugees, and people in Ukraine? AIRLINK coordinates and provides free flights, removing the high costs and logistical challenges of transporting emergency humanitarian aid that can prevent or delay it reaching people in need. Your donation provides sustainable funding to secure/fund airlift and logistics.


Not all donated aid is created equal. Donated and procured medical, sanitation, and other relief aid that is needed in Ukraine, and for refugees in Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania awaits a cost-effective way to airlift it and donations to fund transportation and logistics expenses. A single chartered commercial aircraft that can deliver 100 tons of supplies might cost $250K-$500K or more, plus other costs including trucking to provide for programs into Ukraine, and beyond city centers.

Long-Term Impact

Airlink is creating a long-term air bridge to ensure that medical and other supplies that go beyond what is being sourced within Europe can regularly and rapidly reach communities in crisis through credible relief programs. We aim to help more than 250,000 people, and we'll continue to respond for as long as airlift makes a difference in bringing both aid and skilled responders to support humanitarian programs to the people of Ukraine. The budget is $5-10M long-term.



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