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OrganizationDzherelo Children's Rehabilitation Centre
Region Ukraine
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ProjectLeader Danylo Kapral

This project will supply gasoline of the buses of the Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation Centre, which provides educational and rehabilitation services to children and young people with disabilities. Children and youth need a transportation program to get to Centre every day. Support for this project will help Dzherelo maintain its transportation system, improve its quality of services, and, in turn, improve the quality of life of children and young people with disabilities in Ukraine.


As for 2021, we have 124 children and 94 young people attending our day programs regularly. Here they can socialize and lead more healthy and active life. However, public transportation in Ukraine is usually over-crowded and a lot of these buses lack accessible ramps or even a specialized place inside, for wheelchairs to safely get on and take the bus ride. It also takes time for their families to take them to the Centre by car, while they need to work to provide for these children financially.

Long-Term Impact

First, this project will raise public awareness in Ukraine, more humans will become more charitable and Ukrainian community will thrive on it. Secondly, it opens a prospect for developing the transportation program further, bringing more children to Dzherelo and increasing our quality of services. In turn, this will improve the quality of life of these children and young people; they will learn how to be social, gain some independence and become active members of the community.



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