Aid for Children and Families in Gaza

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OrganizationMiddle East Children's Alliance
Region Palestine
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ProjectLeader Josie Shields-Stromsness

Nearly two million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip. Ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza have killed hundreds, injured more than a thousand, and displaced tens of thousands. The Middle East Children's Alliance has been working with clinics and community centers in Gaza for 33 years providing aid when and where it is needed. We are providing emergency aid to children and families right now.


The Gaza Strip has been illegally occupied by Israel for fifty years and is currently under attack. Israeli attacks are killing & injuring people and destroying homes and infrastructure. These attacks come during a third wave of COVID and after 14 years of a crippling siege. 95% of water is not fit for human consumption. Electricity is on 3 hours or less each day. Children, who make up the majority of the population, have been killed, injured, displaced and traumatized.

Long-Term Impact

Right now our focus is on meeting the immediate needs of children and families. In the long term, this project will provide medical aid to treat injured children, reduce the children's risk of disease and malnutrition by addressing basic needs for food, medical care and adequate shelter that could impact their development and long-term health.



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[[Category:Disaster Response in Palestine Projects in Palestine]], [[Category:Lack of aid for children and families in Gaza Projects in Palestine]]