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OrganizationChildren's Helpers Worldwide
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ProjectLeader Catherine Franks

CHW supports locally-run education, health, welfare and poverty-relief programmes for children and youth in Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa. As well as the usual, ongoing needs, we have also been responding to the pandemic, the Ukraine refugee crisis and the cost of living crisis. As a small charity, it is challenging to keep up with this level of need. This project will allow your donations to go to where they will make the greatest impact for the children at our projects.


We usually support programmes with a view to making an impact in the long term. However, during the pandemic, the crisis in Ukraine (where we have supported refugee families staying at one of our partner organisations in Romania) and the current cost of living crisis, we have been responding to emergency appeals too. We are trying to continue to support the regular programmes for children and youth, whilst responding to urgent situations, all whilst prices have increased around the world.

Long-Term Impact

This project will allow over 2000 children and young people at CHW's partner projects, in Argentina, China, Ghana, Romania and South Africa, to receive help more quickly. Through supporting our ongoing projects, it will give the children the chance to have a better start in life and to gain skills and opportunities for a brighter future. It will also allow a more effective response during any emergency situation, keeping more children safe and healthy.



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