Agroforestry for livelihood improvement in Nepal

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OrganizationCarbon Farmers International
Region Nepal
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ProjectLeader shailesh Acharya

Nepal is one of the disaster-prone countries located in central Himalaya range. Due to the impact of climate change, extreme events such as heavy rainfall patterns & drought have been observed in Nepal in last few years resulting in landslides and flash floods leaving many people homeless with poor livelihood. The project will carry out large-scale plantation of Moringa, Avocado, and Mangoes which will help poor farmers to generate extra income as well as help in climate change mitigation.


The youth population of Gorkha and Dhading districts of Nepal has migrated to foreign countries for employment resulting in barren lands due to lack of labor. That leads to landslides in the rainy season, affecting the livelihood of farmers and force them to rely on daily wages for food. Lack of knowledge on appropriate land-use practices is a major obstacle that could have helped farmers to generate additional income and lessen the extreme effects of climate change.

Long-Term Impact

The project will provide food and aadditional income from agriculture for 100 farming families which help the wellbeing of the community, and the trees will restore the natural ecosystem and sequester CO2 from the atmosphere contributing towards neutralizing the effects of climate change leaving more resilient agriculture in the long term.


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[[Category:Climate Action in Nepal Projects]], [[Category:Livelihood improvement through sustainable agriculture practices in Nepal Projects]]

[[Category:Climate Action in Nepal Projects in Nepal]], [[Category:Livelihood improvement through sustainable agriculture practices in Nepal Projects in Nepal]]