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Ecuador has a deforestation rate of 95,000 hectares per year, due to illegal logging, expansion of the agricultural and livestock frontiers, one of the highest in South America. Agroecology is a production and soil management technique friendly with farmers, consumers, and nature. Farmers need to be trained in these techniques and support the marketing of their products. This project aims to double the direct beneficiaries of Mushuk Tukuy Agroecological Network, which currently are 100.


According to the government, Ecuador's poverty and extreme poverty in 2020 reached 40% of its population, which represents around 7 million people, and the groups more vulnerable are women and rural families. The agroecological network problems are 1. Unjust price competition with agroindustry and small farmers who use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. 2. Climate change impacts, wildfires, deforestation, extreme rains, droughts, winds periods. 3. Unjust market and high transportation costs.

Long-Term Impact

Currently, in the Mushuk Tukuy network participate 80 % of women and 20% of Man and benefit a group of 100 individuals, which belong to two Villages and three communities. This project has the potential to duplicate, the number of Mushuk Tukuy members. The network organization aims, in the potential to build an e-commerce system, as the base to promote the agroecological production benefits for rural farmers, consumers, contributing to plant native vegetation and reducing wildfires.



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[[Category:Lack of sustainable farming practices leading to environmental degradation and health issues in Ecuador Projects]], [[Category:Sustainable Agriculture in Ecuador Projects]]

[[Category:Lack of sustainable farming practices leading to environmental degradation and health issues in Ecuador Projects in Ecuador]], [[Category:Sustainable Agriculture in Ecuador Projects in Ecuador]]