Agroecological Gardens in Schools in Argentina

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OrganizationAsociacion Cultural para el Desarrollo Integral, A.C.D.I.
Region Argentina
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ProjectLeader Luciana Palacio

This project will contribute to the promotion and technical support of agroecological gardens in rural and urban schools in Argentina through training and advice spaces that promote adequate nutrition for children. We will train community leaders to be promoters in their educational communities. We will promote that the gardens are spaces for comprehensive curricular learning, spaces for children to be trained as future promoters of environmental care.


In vulnerable communities in Argentina, many of the children only receive one meal a day: this is possible thanks to the food provided by schools. A current demand in education in recent years is to incorporate a school garden in educational centers. It is of great importance to improve the nutrition of children, with the incorporation of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. In addition, it has been shown that the garden favors the cognitive and emotional development of students.

Long-Term Impact

-In the long term, this project can benefit more than 200 rural and urban schools in Argentina, and even be replicated in other countries where ACDI works, such as Bolivia and Paraguay. -In addition, by holding workshops and classes using the school garden as an educational resource, the participation of students and their families is achieved. Therefore, families can then replicate what they have learned and install their own family gardens and, in this way, reach more than 1,500 families.



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[[Category:Food Security Projects in Argentina]], [[Category:Lack of access to fresh and healthy food in schools in Argentina Projects in Argentina]]