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OrganizationEl Shaddai Charitable Trust
Region India
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ProjectLeader Julia Matthew

India's higher education rate is only 28% as per AISHE and due to this only 40% of youth is employable. This project will support children who have left/not left and are planning to continue with higher education or independent living sustaining during the transition from institutional to independent life enabling young adults to mainstream them in society


Thousands of children live in NGO homes and are compelled to leave after they complete basic education. Aftercare is an important stage in the life of the adolescence who lack in social adjustment to regenerate into adulthood.

Long-Term Impact

We will provide higher education expenses and facilitate each individual child to sustain themselves without external support. Around Two fifty children of families with low income, single parent, parentless have been benefited. It also ensures that the next generation gets far better parenting and therefore a better life. Our goal is to empower and educate more of such students who would go back to build their communities and transform the lives of other young people and be a change maker.



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[[Category:Education in India Projects in India]], [[Category:Lack of support for individuals after leaving rehabilitation centers Projects in India]]