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OrganizationMADRE, An International Women's Human Rights Org.
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MADRE is increasing resources to our Afghan Women and Girls' Survival Fund to support the urgent protection and relocation needs of women human rights defenders, as many activists and human rights defenders are unable to leave conflict areas throughout Afghanistan. MADRE's Fund provides resources for urgent needs, legal aid, security assistance, emergency transport, and safe passage, as well as funding families willing to house activists at great personal risk.


Amid the devastating Taliban takeover, MADRE is partnering with a network of grassroots women's groups who are on the frontlines of the crisis in Afghanistan. These women's groups are operating an underground escape and support network to secure emergency relocation inside the country for women whose lives are at risk, and to provide humanitarian aid in communities facing shortages of food, fuel, and water due to the compound threats of the Taliban takeover, COVID-19, and drought.

Long-Term Impact

MADRE resources local women's groups to sustain in-country programming that will enable the continuity of Afghan women's organizations. With your support, MADRE funds VPNs and other digital security and communications technology to help build safety and security for women in-country, and to strengthen global solidarity networks. They also support local organizing to prevent sexual slavery and protect women and girls from forms of gender-based violence associated with crisis.



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