Afghan Institute of Learning Empowers Afghan Women

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OrganizationAfghan Institute of Learning
Region Afghanistan
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ProjectLeader Sakena Yacoobi

AIL empowers Afghan women by expanding their educational and health opportunities, fostering self-reliance and community participation. AIL provides education from preschool through post secondary level. An educated and health-aware woman is more likely to succeed personally, contribute economically to family and so create self- supporting family units. Education elevates girls' standing in society, provides opportunity and is the way to close the gap in gender equality.


Many Afghan women and children have missed out on education and quality reproductive healthcare for years. AIL runs clinics and Learning Centers (LCs) to help women. Education gives females a pathway from poverty, providing opportunity to succeed in work and in family care and management. Too many women have never had the opportunity to reach their full potential and therefore contribute fully to society.

Long-Term Impact

AIL is trusted and highly respected so conservative villages trust its staff to come into their communities and provide services. Thousands of isolated, under-served and desperate women, with few options to improve their lives, are provided with services. Raising up women and girls through education, healthcare, training in leadership and human rights, is the way to close the gap in gender equality and to allow women to reach their potential and contribute to community and nation.



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[[Category:Empowerment of Afghan Women through Education Projects]], [[Category:Gender Equality in Afghanistan Projects]]

[[Category:Empowerment of Afghan Women through Education Projects in Afghanistan]], [[Category:Gender Equality in Afghanistan Projects in Afghanistan]]