Affordable Housing for people with Disabilities

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OrganizationAffordable Homeownership Foundation Inc
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ProjectLeader Lois Healy

We are faced with more people with disabilities becoming homeless due to a lack of affordable housing. Unless & until housing is treated as a human right rather than a privilege disabled individuals will continue to be at risk due to lower income & rising rent prices. Addressing the root issues of affordability in the greater community, the disparity between rental prices & disability payments, & the serious lack of sustainable income opportunities for those who need flexible accommodations.


When it comes to finding secure, affordable housing, Americans with physical disabilities face a frustrating array of barriers, financial and bureaucratic ones as well as barriers of concrete, brick and wood. Poverty is perhaps the most significant barrier. A recent Census Bureau survey found that 28 percent of 25-to-64-year-olds with severe physical disabilities fall far below the federal poverty line, nearly four times the rate for people of the same age who are not disabled.

Long-Term Impact

Everyone needs safe, decent, stable housing. Most vulnerable individuals with mental illness, chronic health conditions, histories of trauma, & other struggles a home helps them to get adequate treatment & start on the path toward recovery. But some conditions make it difficult for people to maintain a stable home without additional help. Supportive housing, a highly effective strategy that combines affordable housing with intensive coordinated services, can provide that needed assistance.



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