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Washington STEM is a statewide nonprofit advancing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Our goal is to reimagine and revitalize STEM education through investments supported by technical assistance and evaluation, in order to spread STEM innovations. We will be successful when all students in Washington are STEM literate, prepared for and successful in post-secondary pathways, and can obtain wage-earning jobs.


In the last 10 years, STEM jobs have grown three times faster than non-STEM jobs, yet only six out of every 100 students graduate from college with STEM degrees. In Washington state the challenge is even greater: We are 1st in the nation for concentration of STEM jobs, but 46th in the nation for STEM graduate degrees. Our kids can't wait and neither can our state. Improving and funding STEM education for every student will take us working together like never before.

Long-Term Impact

Washington STEM's goal is to lead the STEM charge, and serve as a model for innovative thinking and action for STEM organizations nationwide. We are building awareness, growing demand, and aligning resources around shared outcomes that will close the gap between the skills people have in our state and the skills the economy requires. STEM=opportunity for every student in the 21st century.



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