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OrganizationCongo Children Trust
Region Congo, Democratic Republic of the
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ProjectLeader Ian Harvey

Mary has been based in Congo since 1965.During this time she has developed a small health centre into a 180 bed hospital and maternity, serving a wider area and needy population,close to the Angolan border. She has recently been instrumental in the building of a new primary school in the village.This year marks her 80th birthday and the anniversary of 55 years of working in Congo. Presents can't get to her due to coronavirus border closures so we are raising funds for her work instead.


Katoka is a village in DRCongo close to the Angolan border,it has seen conflict over the years and hosted thousands of Angolan refugees, who have now all returned.The area has very little development (no mains electricity or water),most of the population live hand to mouth existences, growing their food in local fields.There is a high level of malaria and infant mortality.Internet connectivity has declined in recent months and Mary is struggling to communicate the situation with the wider world.

Long-Term Impact

We would like to provide Mary with funds for her 80th birthday and 55th anniversary of working in Congo to enable her to make a significant difference in the many and varied projects at Katoka.


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[[Category:Lack of resources and infrastructure in hospitals and schools in Katoka, DR Congo Projects]], [[Category:Physical Health Projects]]

[[Category:Lack of resources and infrastructure in hospitals and schools in Katoka, DR Congo Projects in Congo, Democratic Republic of the]], [[Category:Physical Health Projects in Congo, Democratic Republic of the]]