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OrganizationRajasthan Samgrah Kalyan Sansthan
Region India
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This project is prepared to Give Reality on the ground to 5000 plantation for environmental protection. A strong effort will be done in different urban, sub-urban areas and villages by plantation to reduce the dangerous threat of global warming, which would be helpful to reduce air pollution to make healthier environment.


According to the report of UNO, around 9 hectares forest has been reaped in every minute between 1990- 2005 around the world and trees are reaped in every year in 5 million hectare areas. This is a signal of a major threat for all nations. The whole world is facing the problem of global warming due to regular cutting of trees at huge level. Even though many species of animals are also at extinct stage. Every year around 5 lac people are dying due to different air pollution causes.

Long-Term Impact

Polluted environment and air will be pure which would be helpful to reduce the number of death occurs from asthma, pneumonia and breath related other diseases. Plantation may not be a sole remedy to reduce global warming but yes, it can be a strongest strategy among all other options. Environment will be effectively pollution free at huge level. More greenery will be spread and rain will be better.



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