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OrganizationNational Wildlife Federation
Region United States
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ProjectLeader Kit Fischer

National Wildlife Federation's Adopt-a-Wildlife-Acre program solves dangerous conflicts between wildlife and livestock around Yellowstone National Park and throughout the Northern Rockies. With your help, we work to retire critical territory for wild bighorn sheep, bison, grizzly bears, wolves and other wildlife. The Adopt-a-Wildlife-Acre program creates agreements with local ranchers where we offer fair prices in exchange for retiring their grazing lands, giving wildlife more room to roam.


Public land and parks in the Northern Rockies are home to some of the most magnificent animals in America. However, once iconic species like the gray wolf, grizzly bear, bighorn sheep and bison go to the borders of or leave the park their death rates rise dramatically! These animals' migration patterns take them where they are in close proximity to livestock grazing lands, this dangerous intersection poses serious mortality risk to both livestock and wildlife from conflict in these spaces.

Long-Term Impact

This unique program recognizes the economic value of livestock grazing permits and fairly compensates ranchers for retiring their leases. As grazing allotments are often on public lands, a retirement requires voluntary participation from both public and private parties, and only happens when all are satisfied- a true win-win-win program!



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