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OrganizationTLC Ministries
Region South Africa
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ProjectLeader Faith Abrahams

TLC Children's Home provides high quality care for abandoned and at-risk babies and children. We care for up to 35 children under the age of 3 years old, while we work to place them into a responsible forever family. We have placed over 900 children since 1993. To continue our work, we need monthly donations of US$26,000. You can partially or fully sponsor a child in our care, starting from US$10 a month. It is US$550 a month to fully sponsor a child at TLC.


Not only are South Africans struggling against an unrelenting social crisis, which has lead to hundreds of thousands of abandoned infants and children, but also against a drastically declining economy. Sadly, financial income of many social service, nonprofit organisations such as TLC have been severely affected by this. Many of which have been forced to close down, leaving children stranded. We are working hard to build our donor base by promoting sustained giving of small monthly amounts.

Long-Term Impact

Having the full annual costs of providing quality care to the babies in our charge funded would mean we are able to focus on our goal of becoming a Centre of Excellence. We hope to become a model to other children's homes in South Africa so that together we can effectively address the issues facing the forgotten children in our country and help them to thrive as resilient adults. Once realized we hope to extend our impact into the community by addressing the challenges of expectant mothers.



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