Adjumani Palliative Care Fund

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OrganizationVoice for Humanity Uganda
Region Uganda
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ProjectLeader David Elungat

This project seeks to improve the quality of life of 56 refugee and host community patients with terminal illnesses especially cancer, and sickle cell patients currently in active care in Adjumani. The project will provide the targeted patients with mobility aids (wheel chairs, tricycle, crutches), cater for specialized investigation fees (CT scan) and transport to Mulago Cancer Institute for ongoing management.


Adjumani district has recorded over 3336 patients enrolled on palliative care and 2896 of these have since died due to poor quality of care. 80% of these are those suffering from Cancer with Breast and Cervical cancer recording the highest number of patients. Additionally Adjumani hospital does not have any cancer treatment unit or specialized medical personnel to provide the needed care and support.

Long-Term Impact

The long term impact of this project will be the overall improvement in the quality of life of patients with terminal illnesses in Adjumani. 56 patients currently enrolled on palliative care will directly benefit from increased access to care and support both at home and at Mulago Cancer Institute.



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[[Category:Lack of access to palliative care for patients in Adjumani Projects]], [[Category:Physical Health Projects]]

[[Category:Lack of access to palliative care for patients in Adjumani Projects in Uganda]], [[Category:Physical Health Projects in Uganda]]