Add Education to Resilience for HIV/AIDS recovery!

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OrganizationAfrica Aware-Likulezi
Region Malawi
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ProjectLeader Phillip Mthobwa

"Billy", on the left of the photo in the blue T-shirt is one of the Village volunteers who has been with the Project since they were adolescents. Billy is an example of one of the many volunteers who though without any formal education got his education through Likulezi's education programme whilst working as an unpaid volunteer, and is now not only a respected member of the staff, a training facilitator but also a successful business man!, Likulezi is truly a university for the marginalised.


This poor rural community has been devastated, though remain amazingly resilient. The Programmes most in need of support are the Education programme and the Orphan support programme. It is felt that Education from Drama to literacy to Leadership etc .is the backbone of any community project. Most of the Trainings are facilitated by peer village volunteers from each of the 14 community groups .Education from Primary to the possibility of 3rd level for Orphans is a primary concern for Likulezi.

Long-Term Impact

By keeping all 5 programmes operating Africa Aware - Likulezi's mission to facilitate the community to develop their potential through the activities of the project and to eventually rise out of the poverty which has been exacerbated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic will hopefully be well on its way to fulfilment.



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[[Category:Education in Malawi Projects]], [[Category:Lack of education on resilience for people living with HIV/AIDS Projects]]

[[Category:Education in Malawi Projects in Malawi]], [[Category:Lack of education on resilience for people living with HIV/AIDS Projects in Malawi]]