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OrganizationActionAid USA
Region Kenya
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ProjectLeader Francis Noon

When human rights are under attack, we have to act fast. Give to ActionAid's Action Fund to support our work where needed most. Through your partnership, millions of people on the front lines of poverty and exclusion around the world are claiming their rights, demanding accountability from the people whose decisions affect their daily lives, and bringing about change that lasts.


Poverty. Disaster. Gender inequality. Climate change. A whole web of injustices threatens human rights, with devastating effects for millions of people around the world today. We know that to create a more just world, we can't tackle just one issue at a time - we have to go for the roots.

Long-Term Impact

ActionAid's programs are community-driven, women-led, and rights-based, which means your donation today invests in change that lasts. Make it monthly to support community leaders around the world throughout the year!



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