Accompany 200 women that live violence in Oaxaca

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OrganizationCentro para los Derechos de la Mujer Naaxwiin A.C.
Region Mexico
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Violence towards women, adolescents and girls have increased significantly in this time of COVID-19 confinement: only between January and April 2020, 13 women were murdered violently in Tehuantepec isthmus, and an increase in domestic violence was reported. Indigenous women in many time don't know the complaint mechanism or lost much time for inefficiency of some authorities. These situations lead the women, in many times to desist from the process, then, this violation of rights goes unpunished


Gender violence in Oaxaca indigenous regions is cross for ethnic identity, machismo and marginality that exists in many communities. We know that law enforcement authorities and officials frequently advise conciliation when it is not allowed by law and blame women for the violence that they live, this situation drives away the intention to denounce and obtain guarantees for the right of women, their sons and daughters, for to live without violence.

Long-Term Impact

Women come to recognize that violence isn't normal and when they experience it, they report it. Women attended for Naaxwiin recover their emotional state, share their experience with other women, conclude their case and become violence prevention promoters.



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