Accompanies in the insertion of Haitian migrants

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The dream of almost all Haitian migrants who come to Chile is to find a job, that often leaves learning Spanish in the background, as they are often victims of abuse, trafficking and threats and are unaware of the opportunities offered by Chile for not having a reliable information channel.During this unprecedented time of crisis (Covid 19) we work from home in various channels of activities to respond to the needs of Haitian in Chile.T-zen is an App Mobile teaches inclusion.


T-Zen is a multimedia platform that since 2016 seeks to provide migrants with information and tools on life management in Chile in Kreyol (or Creole). Thus, solve difficulties such as leases, work contracts, documents, public transport, location of streets, among others and facilitate their insertion. The main commercial cities, where many Haitians reside, are in mandatory quarantine due to Covid-19. Consequently, the unemployment rate in Chile during the February-April 2020 quarter was 9.0 (INE

Long-Term Impact

We constantly conduct talks and workshops in different communes of the city of Santiago, taking T-Zen to the neighborhood and approaching the Haitian community of the country. We have made more than 20 workshops. We have already reached more than 5000 young migrants Haitian. Directly and indirectly we reached 30 000. The app T-zen has more than 11 000 downloads. Our goal for this 2022, is to get more than 15 000 downloads. We hope to help 200 Haitians as jobbers/entrepreneurs.



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