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OrganizationAlhassan Foundation for Differently Abled Inclusion
Region Egypt
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ProjectLeader Lamise ElBetar

We offer a decent and cheap solution to the lack of accessible transportation which is a motorcycle drove by hands for wheelchair users. We also offer to remodel the wheelchair users' homes or schools with a steel ramp or making adjustments to their bathrooms to be accessible.


Physically challenged humans in Egypt face major obstacle of accessible transportation facilities! In addition to having a physical challenge to live with, they are also overburdened with not being able to be mobile, go to work, school, do activities etc Their life stops! Not because of being on wheelchair ! But because they are always dependant on others to carry/drop, etc.! They end up staying home & lose lots of opportunities to work & have a normal day-to-day life

Long-Term Impact

1. Inclusion in society. 2. Finding better jobs. 3. Humanity & Dignity.



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[[Category:Justice and Human Rights in Egypt Projects]], [[Category:Lack of accessibility for individuals with disabilities Projects]]

[[Category:Justice and Human Rights in Egypt Projects in Egypt]], [[Category:Lack of accessibility for individuals with disabilities Projects in Egypt]]