Access to education for children in conflict zones

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OrganizationVisions for Children e.V.
Region Afghanistan
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ProjectLeader Celine Schimek

Since 2006, Visions for Children has been committed to ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to obtain a basic education with which they can acquire fundamental skills. We particularly build on and contribute to the fourth sustainability goal of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 - namely to ensure an equitable and high-quality education. We see schools as anchor points that give children the chance of a self-determined future by means of capacity building within the entire region.


The right to education is a human right and essential for the chance at a better life. In times of conflict, poverty and inequality, however, many children are denied this chance: Worldwide, around 60 million children have no access to primary education and roughly 387 million children are unable to acquire basic skills, despite attending school (Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO, 2017).

Long-Term Impact

By working exclusively with local partners and involving the target group directly on-site, we are committed to making a long-term difference. Therefore, we adopt a holistic approach by providing both the necessary infrastructure as well as developing the capacities and skills of the teachers and students. Furthermore, we create ownership in the entire school community, so that they can identify with the new structures, develop personal responsibility and maintain the achieved progress.



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