Access to Sanitary Wear for 1000 Girls in Matobo

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OrganizationHope for a Child in Christ (HOCIC)
Region Zimbabwe
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ProjectLeader Sunga Mzeche

The Project seeks to assist the adolescent girls and young women in both urban Bulawayo and rural Matobo disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and effects to contain it. The project will provide each participant with 2 packets of 10 hypo allergic sanitary pads, 1 bar of bathing soap and 1kg of washing powder. In its inception the project will also provide each participant with a cotton washing towel and 2 cotton under pants.


COVID-19 has created a severe economic shock, mostly in the form of a loss of income, particularly for the most vulnerable in both rural and urban areas who depend on casual labor, petty trading and other informal activities that are currently affected by the country-wide lockdown. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased health risks to adolescent girls and women who menstruate, as access to sanitary ware and other resources such as water and soap has been limited.

Long-Term Impact

The main aim of this project is to ensure access to sanitary ware by 200 adolescent girls and young women in rural Matobo and urban Bulawayo, Zimbabwe affected by COVID-19 and measures to contain it. This will ensure their psychosocial and reproductive health wellbeing.



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[[Category:COVID-19 in Zimbabwe Projects]], [[Category:Lack of access to sanitary wear for girls in Matobo Projects]]

[[Category:COVID-19 in Zimbabwe Projects in Zimbabwe]], [[Category:Lack of access to sanitary wear for girls in Matobo Projects in Zimbabwe]]