Access to Quality Healthcare in Rural Tajikistan

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OrganizationPublic Organization 'Sadoqat'
Region Tajikistan
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ProjectLeader Muhiddin Tojiev

This project aims to improve the water supply, sanitation system, physical infrastructure, and equipment in rural healthcare facilities in Tajikistan by replacing irreparable or outdated items (such as broken walls and pipes) and upgrading or providing the most important medical devices. We also implement activities on staff capacity building. By doing so, we hope to vastly improve the quality of care given at the hospital, thus saving many more lives in the rural district of Devashtich.


Tajikistan is the poorest post-soviet country with 93% of its territory covered by mountains. Its funding for healthcare (7% of the public budget) mainly covers the healthcare worker wages, leaving little to no money for physical infrastructure improvement. Most of the facilities in rural areas hardly maintain sanitation and hygiene due to the outdated water and sanitation facilities. Hospitals have no funding to upgrade their infrastructure to provide quality services to the local population.

Long-Term Impact

By upgrading the facilities at the hospitals, rural residents from remote areas will have access to timely and life-saving medical care. Doing so will prevent nosocomial transmission and preventable deaths, it will narrow the gap in quality of life between the rural and urban communities in Tajikistan. The improved physical infrastructure and equipment will motivate the doctors to provide quality services and ensure sustainability in the healthcare system in rural areas.


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[[Category:Limited access to quality healthcare in rural Tajikistan Projects in Tajikistan]], [[Category:Physical Health in Tajikistan Projects in Tajikistan]]