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OrganizationSabuj Sangha
Region India
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ProjectLeader Ansuman Das

Sabuj Sangha intended to ensure quality education of the underprivileged children in Sundarbans; . The school is affiliated by the Government of West Bengal, but un-aided. Total 167 children are presently reading in pre-primary to upper primary & 300 in the teachers training programme and the students are taught by qualified teachers. Proper teacher pupil ratio, Use of technology aiming at provide facility of computer education that is imperative of modern scientific approach of joyful learning


The National Knowledge Commission has been emphasizing 'quality primary education' to build India as a knowledge society. The quality of education mainly refers to physical infrastructure, competent teachers, curriculum, instructional,support materials, equipment, LTM, continuous evaluation & effective management. in India where 90% of primary schools are run by govt. & most of them in the rural area. There have no scope for Extra-curricular activities and scope knowledge upgradation for child

Long-Term Impact

Increased number of students completing quality education through establish Equipped computer lab , demonstrate model & the adoption of new teaching practices in nearby schools. Awareness of communities on education and importance about computer in the present context . Increase interaction with local/district Government (especially Village Education Committee) .



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[[Category:Education in India Projects in India]], [[Category:Lack of access to knowledge and education due to limited resources and infrastructure Projects in India]]