Access to Free Healthcare in Rural & Remote Area's

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OrganizationAction Change (Formerly GVI Trust)
Region South Africa
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ProjectLeader Tyrone Bennett

Healthcare is an expensive and struggling area for most countries. Action Change works on over 70 projects around the world. Working with communities we aim to increase our impact by running community healthcare provisions. Funding permitted we will be bringing in local health professionals to provide resources, outreach awareness and emergency services to the local community to ensure everyone has access to support for a healthier and safe future. This project will be 100% funded by our donors


A lack of qualified healthcare workers in rural communities is a growing issues and with education limited many communities are unaware what to watch out for or do if their health becomes compromised. Statistics show that rural and remote communities have a lower life expectancy due to lack of resources. Access to healthcare can be expensive and is simply not an option for millions of people living in poverty today.

Long-Term Impact

Currently, we are creating a series of workshops on preventative health but also training community members on first aid and emergency response and alongside this funding the medical supplies and equipment for the trained professionals to be able to help the local community. Offering this initial awareness and response service we aim to build awareness to empower local community members to keep themselves safe and healthy and improve their quality of life.



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[[Category:Limited access to healthcare in rural and remote areas Projects in Peru]], [[Category:Physical Health in Peru Projects in Peru]]