Accelerating Positive Youth Development in Kisumu

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OrganizationJabulani Youths for Transformation
Region Kenya
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ProjectLeader Johanssen Obanda

With the underlying challenges facing young people in Kisumu, including poverty, dysfunctional families, peer influence, lacking a basic foundation for personal development, and more, it is becoming increasingly important to support young people in their developmental process to enable them to meaningfully contribute to their families, community and the country. This project is meant to support the staff and the young people within the youth-serving institution.


From our interaction with youth between the ages of 16 to 24 in Kisumu, many young people are at risk socio-economically. Out of 10 young people, 6 are either experiencing homelessness, unemployment, school failure, substance abuse, gang involvement, or self-harm, as a consequence of unstable school environment, skills mismatch, poverty, barriers to self-awareness, family instability and dysfunction, poor community resources, and adverse childhood experiences

Long-Term Impact

- They acquire skills that are demanded by the marketplace. - They are confident to start and sustain profitable enterprises. - Their interest in learning and their learning performance increase. - There is a 30% increase in interaction with peers about literature and problem-solving challenges. - They become more self-aware and empowered to pursue their dreams. - They become aware of where to find help and have the courage of leveraging networks and available resources.



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