Academic Support & Mentoring for Underserved Girls

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OrganizationGirls to Women
Region United States
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ProjectLeader Patrica Foster

High potential but at-risk public school girls 6-14 get daily homework assistance, including 1-on-1 tutoring and bilingual assistance in basic English literacy, math, and other core subjects


Youth from all backgrounds benefit from educational support outside of regular school hours. The girls we serve attend some of the lowest performing and under-resourced schools in California. Most are in single-parent, limited-English, or other family situations that constrain in-home academic support. Our project bridges the gap. 35 Latina, African-American, and Pacific Islander families will benefit. Girls attend on-average more than 3x/week and a full school year.

Long-Term Impact

Dozens of at-risk girls will have their own quality of life and academic status enhanced. They will be in a far better position to contribute positively to their families, community and society.



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